Download CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1503-01

Install Media

Various installation images are available for installing CentOS. Which image you need to download depends on your installation environment. All of these images can either be burned on a DVD to an USB memory stick.

If you are unsure which image to use, pick the DVD image. It allows selecting which components you want to install.

Live media images are also available, both for Gnome and KDE desktop environments. These allow you to test out CentOS by booting from the DVD or USB stick. The third livecd image uses Gnome, and as the livecd name implies, it is small enough to fit on a CD. This image does not contain libreoffice. You can also install CentOS to your hard disk from the live media images, but please note that what gets installed on your hard disk is exactly the same as you see when using the live media. For more flexibility in selecting which packages you want to have installed, please use the DVD image.

The netinstall image can be used for doing installs over network. After booting the computer with the netinstall image, the installer will ask from where it should fetch the packages to be installed.

The everything image contains all the packages that are available for CentOS-7, including those that are not directly installable from the installer. If you want to install those other packages, you must mount the install media on your installed system after the installation, and copy or install the packages from there. For most users installing from the DVD image and then installing the other packages with yum install instead is probably easier.

Major Changes

As of March 2015 ABRT (>= 2.1.11-19.el7.centos.0.1) can report bugs directly to

Support for new processors (Intel Broadwell) and graphics (AMD Hawaii)

Full support for LVM cache

Ability to mount ceph block devices

Updated Hyper-V network drivers

New libguestfs features

Full support for OpenJDK-1.8.0

Improved clock stability (for PTP and NTP)

Updated Networkmanager packages to version 1.0

Updated docker to 1.4.1

Updated OpenSSH to 6.6.1

New package: Mozilla Thunderbird

Update to numerous storage, network and graphics drivers

Technology Preview: Support of the Btrfs file system, OverlayFS and the Cisco VIC kernel driver

Deprecated Features

i686-versions of the following packages: krb5-server and krb5-server-ldap

further deprecated packages: libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc, libvirt-daemon-lxc and libvirt-login-shell

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